Angel's Touch









140 pounds





Insatiably beautiful from head to toe, I know and you will also know soon know that I could give top model Tyra Banks a run for her money!! Shaped to utter perfection, my touch and feel will entice you even more than my alluring appearance. Going above and beyond to exceed your delicious and decadent dirty desires is completely second nature to me. I adore soft whispering, gentle cuddles, and laughter is music to my ears. I take a great deal of pride in what I do and I am truly my own motivation and inspiration as I am the absolute real deal and truly all about savouring each and every moment and genuinely having and ensuring that you have an amazing time!


“She is one of my favorite MA’s in this establishment, a “valeur sure”. I had a wonderful hour with her that did a lot to relax my whole system recently. She has a serene character and tends more to listen than talk, so I did most of the talking. Her massage was very relaxing and she did masterfully manage the session and went through different stages without looking at the clock. She did also accommodate my suggestions, all within MA limits, to the best of her abilities. She is a definite repeat for me, particularly when I need a more relaxing hour than usual. Go see her if you need an exceptionally relaxing session and can treat this gem with the respect that she deserves.”

“I spent a wonderful hour with her recently and could not write a review earlier. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with graceful manners and a touch of class that was great to witness and admire. The massage was relaxing, gentle and enjoyable. Somehow I perceived her as an introvert with a strong personality and strict limits on what she can and cannot live with, all within MA limits. She has a certain charm that is difficult to describe or “indefinable”. The hour was a memorable one and I believe she went out of her way to make it better for me. I will definitely go back to see her again. Last but not least, I am glad that I am the first one to write a review about her. However, I am astonished that no one else has written a review about this beauty so far.”

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