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**Ask about my interactive Duos with my sister Kandi!**

Hello Gentlemen! I’m flirty, sexy and fun, and I can’t wait to put my hands all over your body. I am an easy going person, I love meeting new people and having lots of fun! I very much look forward to meeting you! Come join me for a hot and steamy session. I promise I will keep you wanting more! XOXOXOXOXXX


Comments from happy clients:

“In this post-COVID world, face masks stayed on for most of the time. That’s not to say that there weren’t other ways to keep things interesting. She’s very sensual, which is hard to do through double face masks, but there you go. This one will definitely be someone that I will repeat with soon.”

“I had the distinct pleasure to luck out and see her at Paradise one Thursday night recently as I found myself in the area and she was in. I had recently seen Britney who was wonderful and in seeing they did duos together I new it would be a great experience and I was not dissapointed. When she walked in she greeted me with an inviting hug and I immediately could feel and see how fit and beautiful she was, can’t forget that. She treated me to an amazing massage intially with a warm and stimulating bodyslide. She was then happy to allow me to massage her which was wonderful with such a strong body to enjoy. This got quite hot as she flipped over and things really heated up. We soon traded and I got enjoy an amazing finish. As we had some time left she kindly offered to continue the massage portion which I really appreciated!
She is an amazing woman who I would gladly see again. Go see her!”

“I first noticed her via her page on the Paradise Spa, and then again via her sexy posts appearing in my twitter feed. We exchanged a few messages via Twitter, discussing our schedules and likes/dislikes for a potential session. When our prearranged Sunday morning finally arrived, she greeted me wearing only a sexy hot pink fishnet dress, and her cute girl next door smile.

Since this was our first time meeting in person, we chatted briefly to clarify the fine details of our session. Everything was just as we had discussed via twitter, so without further chitchat, she pulled the pink fishnet dress over her head and dropped it to floor. Oh yeah!

She slowly strolled around the massage table massaging me gently as she went. When she arrived at the head of the table, she began to lightly massage my shoulders, and I reached out to lightly fondle her lovely bum (not to hard, not too soft, just right). After a brief light massage I flipped over and she climbed up to sit on my belly. We tenderly fondled each other, as we talked. I gently massaged her soft breasts and sexy nipple piercings, while she sweetly rubbed my tummy. She smiled often, and frequently leaned down to give light kisses and boobie massages. She’s a fit lady (physically opposite to me), with a flat tummy over firm abs. Impressive!

I requested a gentle manual 69 massage, and she graciously obliged, allowing a light massage of her beautiful booty, and delightful folds between her thighs. As I played, she moaned sweetly as she alternated between states of tension and relaxation. I continued delicately until she clenched, sighed, and completely relaxed on top me. She turned gracefully to face me again, and leaned down to give me a kiss. Then she worked her way down my body with kisses, caresses, swaying breasts, and swiveling hips. She slid upon me with a gentle sensual touch and gradually built up her intensity with firm pressure though her hips. She has a really firm sensual grip, which is even more impressive when she’s not even using her hands! Skills! She responded to my body rhythm with enthusiasm, and before she safely finished me off with a wave of pleasure and relaxation.

We lay together with her head on my shoulder, talking and cuddling, as she gently rubbed my belly. I really appreciated this comforting wind down to such a wonderful gfe session. Eventually we headed to the shower to clean ourselves up. When I was ready to go, she gave me more hugs and kisses, and then grinned as she suggested a duo session with her real life sister, Kandi CoXXX. The thought is still swirling around my head…”

“I couldn’t get enough of Kandi this evening and just had to experience a duo with her sister.  So after my hour with Kandi and quick breather (for both of us), I returned to see Kandi and her together.  I had seen them both separately and knew I was in trouble (the good kind) the second the door opened and these two beauties walked in.  They work so well together and it was such a fun and incredible session.  I’m not sure I want to share details of our time together out of respect for them both, but what I do feel comfortable saying is that it’s definitely something that every guy should experience at least once in a lifetime.  As for me…..I’m returning tomorrow for a repeat performance! Can’t wait to see you again!”

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