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Experience the perfection of relaxation and escape to Paradise. This tall, modelesque bombshell will astonish you at first sight. From her long, soft, beautiful blond hair, down to her sexy long and perfect legs, be prepared for sensory overload. Captivating blue-green eyes, intoxicating laugh, and heart melting smile will instantly set you at ease while her incredible massage techniques will pamper you beyond your wildest dreams. A gentleman’s time well spent



Comments from happy clients:

“I was finally lucky enough to book her for a 75-minute session, the very first such session in my life. This Angel is one of a kind; beauty, class, charm and modesty rolled into one magnificent body. Her smile is so genuine and refreshing that blows me away. Her face is so alluring and looks perfect with no make-up. I often wonder how she cast her spell on me. Her appeal has to do with her sincerity, authenticity and serenity.

I have a hard time finding words that can describe my experience during this session. I will keep the details confidential out of respect for her, all within MA limits. Suffice to say, I came out ecstatic, in a state of euphoria, feeling as if I was walking on clouds. An experience like this is rare and makes for long-lasting souvenirs. Back to my car, I had to be careful driving while coming back on earth, enjoying the drive and that sunny day at the same time.

She is a jewel. I found her serenity was contagious and her presence was soothing me. We shared a little piece of heaven together that day. She is simply a rare treat.”

“After more than 2 months of chatting via Twitter with another MA, Britney, and getting to know one another, I booked a duo with her and Britney. Their comfortable and relaxed attitude made it easy for me to enjoy the session with out hang-ups or concerns. I was asked a number of times if I was comfortable and if I needed or wanted anything else. The back and front massage were heavenly. I was excited to experience the reverse massage with both ladies. I would recommend these two professionals to anyone looking to indulge in adult massage. I look forward to future sessions with both of these ladies.”

“I was following and texting her on Twitter for a month, on my visit to Ottawa I could finally schedule my appointment for an hour with her. I was very excited to have a session with her. I showered and waited for her in the room. The moment she entered the room, my heart started pounding. She was exactly the same as her pictures. Actually, the pictures do not show the face, but when I saw her, she was such a beautiful girl from head to toe. She has a very cute face with blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has a perfect figure and gorgeous skin!! Wow!! It’s really as smooth as silk!! She was looking much more beautiful than her pictures. Each and every part of her body is just perfect, especially her legs!! Very well maintained, her toned long legs are really awesome!!

She gave me a nice hug and without any delay we got into action. The first 10 minutes I just cuddled in her arms! WOW!! With her soft and silky skin, I felt like I was in heaven!! It was very enjoyable. I asked her if I could massage her and she happily accepted my offer. Wow!! What an experience!! Her skin was so soft that I did not use any oil to glide my hands over her body!! I have never enjoyed massaging anyone else before!! I found her sensitive area and ticked her slowly to make her laugh!! While massaging her we talked on various topics and she was very frank and open to share her opinion.

When we switched the role, I could experience her truly erotic massage skills. With lots of oil on her body she gave amazing body slides!! And she was skillfully gliding her soft and silky skin lovingly all over me!! She has a magic touch and she knows pressure points and pleasure points very well!!

The time went so fast as if I have just started my session! I requested for a 15 minute extension and she happily agreed to it. Ohh! That 15 minutes were the most amazing minutes of our session, I do not have words to explain it!!

Finally, we had a shower together, we applied soap to each other and had some under shower fun! Overall 75 minutes went very fast, truly unforgettable. Wherever I will visit Ottawa, I will definitely have a session with her!! Now she is the most exciting reason for me to visit Ottawa!!”

“Good day everyone. Just a quick email to say what a great evening we had (couple massage) with her and Britney… the establishment is top class, super clean, very practical and has a great layout.

Now as for her and Britney, what more could one ask for? Extremely pretty! Very professional! And an ability to make us feel so comfortable.

We are looking forward to a revisit!”

“On New Year’s Eve, I was lonely and wondering what would be the best way to end 2017. I checked out Paradise Spa’s website and noticed that she was available, so I booked her at once. I remembered my previous visits and how sweet I thought she was, sweeter than candy. She has a magnificent body, a beautiful smile and a great attitude. She appears to be very serene and moves her body as graciously as a swan. This time I thought she was sweeter than honey. I am glad my year ended so beautifully.”

“Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting a stunning beauty.  The moment she walked through the door, my heart skipped a beat and the stresses of my day began to slip away.  If perfection existed, I’m quite certain it would take the shape of her. It was like someone plucked the image of the woman of my dreams from my mind and placed her in front of me.  I had to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  Long beautiful blond hair, shimmering blue/green eyes, intoxicating and playful laugh, and a smile that can make you forget your name.  She is a goddess and the well placed tattoos and subtle piercings only add to her sex appeal. The hour spent with her was incredible and slice of pure paradise.  As incredible as her pictures are, they don’t do her justice.  You need to witness this exquisite beauty for yourself and with your very own eyes.  You won’t be disappointed.”

“I couldn’t get enough of her this evening and just had to experience a duo with her sister Karmen.  So after my hour with her and a quick breather (for both of us), I returned to see her and Karmen together.  I had seen them both separately and knew I was in trouble (the good kind) the second the door opened and these two beauties walked in.  They work so well together and it was such a fun and incredible session.  I’m not sure I want to share details of our time together out of respect for them both, but what I do feel comfortable saying is that it’s definitely something that every guy should experience at least once in a lifetime.  As for me, I’m returning tomorrow for a repeat performance! Can’t wait to see you again!”

“I spent a delightful hour with her last Saturday and I am glad to be the first one to leave comments about this Angel. She is a gorgeous statuesque blonde with a body Michelangelo himself could have sculpted. When she entered the room, I was astonished how tall and beautiful she was and how gracefully she was moving her body. Her skin is smooth like silk, her smile is like a breeze and her voice is soft like summer rain. She is genuine, healthy and deliciously pure within and without. I loved the way she laughed at my jokes and the fact that she enjoyed my massage technique. It was beautiful to watch her serious face gradually relax, smile and laugh as time went by. It was like watching a rose bud opening up and going in full bloom right in front of my eyes. Then things turned heavenly, but I will keep the details private out of respect for her. I particularly enjoyed her playful side that made the moment delicious repeatedly. My hour with her was like finally hooking up with that beautiful blond next door I had no chance of dating. My colleagues at work, watching my broad smiles these days, have been asking me if I have won the lottery this weekend. I replied in the negative, but said I did hit the jackpot. She has got me hooked now and I must go back to see her, a first for me with any MA.  Be safe my Angel, I will see you again very soon.”

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