Angels Touch Massage

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Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073
Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887


Hair Colour:

Long Brown Hair




Ebony cutie, Brown eyes,115 pounds,5.1feet tall,32 D

More about me:

I have a true flair for erotica and servicing all your needs and desires. I’m absolutely dedicated to ensuring you have a beautiful experience. I provide top of the line service. You’ll be truly mesmerized by my stunning, feminine features and sparkling smile.

Comments from happy client(s):

“I decided to go see Savannah on my birthday, a sunny day in Ottawa. Her pictures were alluring but the comments about her intrigued me; I had to find out for myself. She came in soon after I entered the room. Savannah in person appeared to be more beautiful than what I had imagined from her pictures: a young woman with a fantastic face and a sparkling smile. In a nutshell, a ray of sunshine just enlightened the room, brighter than the sun in Ottawa! In 2 seconds, she made me feel relaxed calling me the “birthday boy”.

Savannah decided to give me the girlfriend experience. All within limits but I will keep the details private out of respect for her. Suffice to say, there were mutual massages, body slides, kisses, caresses, cuddles and a shower together. After the first half an hour Savannah asked me how I was feeling and what I was thinking about. I answered: “I am in heaven and was thinking about the words that can describe my experience”. Here you have it Gents. Do yourself a favor, go see her any day. On your birthday, there will be icing on the cake! This girl has that “Je ne sais quoi”. Go if you seek a deeply erotic experience and can respect her like a true lady.

Savannah is a jewel, a true angel in every sense of the word. The one hour I spent with Savannah was pure ecstasy, put most of my former girlfriends to shame. This sensual kitten transformed a grey-haired sober man into a sentimentalist!! It was such an overwhelming experience that at some point I told her we can stop if she wanted. This beautiful girl, with a beautiful face, her beautiful long hair dangling down on me (did I say beautiful enough?) stared at me with her captivating eyes and said she locked the door and will not let me leave before the hour was gone. WOW! I was speechless!

It was my first experience with an ebony girl and it left me mesmerized.  This was the best birthday gift I have received in recent memory. Savannah has no prejudices or one iota of pre-judgement. Like a diamond, you can see through her.  Driving back home I felt spoiled, was humming “What a wonderful world”, and almost missed a stop sign! Days are gone and I am still cherishing that hour. I have been feeling the urge to go see her again several times each and every day but have resisted so far: how much happiness can my body and soul soak up in one week? I will go back soon for sure, but am concerned of becoming spellbound for good!”

“I spent a very stimulating hour with this lovely young woman. Mutual massage , great smile, easy to talk to, fun and extremely sexy. She is the woman in her photos and just as appealing in person. More so even. I would see her again in a heartbeat. And she really did make my heart beat faster.”

“I met Savannah today and wow she was incredible. She was my first experience since October.

I got to Angel’s Touch to be greeted by this cute ebony girl at the desk. It didn’t even click with me yet that this was likely her. She confirmed my appointment and I went into the room. There she asked if I wanted to shower which I did. Had I known it was her I would have asked for her to join me. Following the shower she comes back into the room to take the shampoo as another one of the girls was out of Shampoo. Again I thought she was the desk girl. She comes right back and presented herself. She is very short and very cute with very long hair (how many times can I say the word very? Well…she was very good). Things started less steamy with a lot of talk and some teasing early on. Once she got me to ……. we had a lot of fun. Savannah has a beautiful body and very beautiful face. She also was able to laugh at my bad jokes which is always a plus. I was actually concerned when she …….. because of the teasing which she was quite good at. I pointed out we had an hour session and she told me not to worry. I did not worry and she was great and true to her word. The shower was also fun. I’m still smiling hours later writing this article up.

Do yourself a favor and go see her (and treat her right!) she is incredible! “

“A single visit to Savannah transformed me from sober and sensible to sappy and sentimental.

In my hobbyist career, I’ve only ever fantasized about three or four girls, and that was usually where we grew intimate and/or she stopped charging me. For a run-of-the-mill good time, I’ve tended to enjoy it in the moment but not reminisce or dwell on it.

Lately, I find myself daydreaming about Savannah in a way I haven’t since I was a young teen desperately obsessing about what … , or even breasts, felt like.

Lately, I find myself daydreaming…

“If only I was young, hot and charming enough to sweep Savannah off her feet…”

“If only I was fantastically rich and she agreed to be my kept woman…”

“If only Savannah was into schlubby fatsos…”

“If only we had a week in a villa by the beach with nothing to do but …..”

I think my colleagues at work have started to notice that I’ve been staring into space instead of getting work done.

See her. It’s worth it.”

“I spent a very stimulating hour with this lovely young woman. Mutual massage , great smile, easy to talk to, fun and extremely sexy. She is the woman in her photos and just as appealing in person. More so even. I would see her again in a heartbeat. And she really did make my heart beat faster.”

“I still haven’t stopped thinking about my session with Savannah. I could get obsessed. She was so great looking and had such a nice friendly manner, sexy too.”

“Met Savannah this afternoon. She is really sweet and fun. Just a complete pleasure.”

“I was fortunate enough to meet Savannah yesterday, what a fantastic, sexy, fun, absolutely amazing woman! She had me tongue tied the whole time I was there, truly not the norm for me. I very, VERY much look forward to the next opportunity I have to see Savannah. I anticipate it will be much sooner than later!”