Angels Touch Massage

Call to find out where I’m working today:

Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073
Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887 


Hair Colour:

Long Blond Hair


Late 20’s


Brown eyes 5’9ft tall,34b

More about me:

With me you’re always in the best of hands. I’m very easy going, feminine, and
deliciously addictive! With long legs for days, and the
most seductive curves in all the right places your mouth will water as you are
brought blissfully to a wonderful place of tranquility and relaxation! I am also couple & female friendly!

Comments from happy client(s):

“By chance I met Salina… stopped into Paradise Spa and asked to see who was working. This beauty caught my eye and I’m glad she did.
From the moment she entered the room she exuded sexuality. I couldn’t take my eyes off this blonde bombshell. She teased with her words and her fingers. Her massage was fantastic, hitting all the right spots and reading my reactions……Lots of attention where it was needed. So hot! So good! Sad it had to end… until next time…Check out her smoking hot new pics too! “

“Words are such pitiful things. Mere words cannot convey the experience of an hour with Salina. Gentlemen, she is a Marilyn Monroe like beauty with long blonde hair and dark brown in private eyes. Salina is also a study in contrasts, she is mature and shy, she can knead you firmly but is delicate to the touch. She left me satisfied and craving more at the same time.  Salina gave me a professional quality massage. She was skilled enough to detect and dispatch several knots in my back and shoulder area. Following her coma inducing ministrations I asked for her permission to return the favour. She agreed and I explored her body in great detail. Her skin was smooth and warm to the touch. Her peaks and valleys tempted, but it was her overall attitude that drove me on. Soon enough we exchanged positions again as I surrendered to her expert manipulation. Salina‘s expert touch soon had me trembling….I will repeat as soon as circumstances allow. I whole-heartedly recommend and endorse Salina Flower, treat her well and watch her bloom.”

“Her looks on photos (and five-and-ten height, I adore tall girls) were the reason to book an introductory appointment. Little did I know what a wonderful gem she is, and how much I will regret it is only 30 min. It is a well worn cliché about pictures not doing justice, but in this case the pics are not even close. “Model looks” would be a misnomer since most models are too skinny, but Salina is divinely beautiful. In addition she is intelligent, friendly, attentive, and yes super sexy. The very opportunity to be touched by this goddess is incredibly exciting, and on top of it her massage skills are great. She got strong hands and she is not a novice to the trade. Touching her is a delight for she is smooth, soft, yet firm where needed. The session with this wonderful lady was uplifting in more than one sense. The whole experience made me a happy man (planning to repeat), so decided to share the opinion: amazing girl, highly recommended!
Guys, please treat her really well.”

“First visit to Paradise in Bells Corners. And I had the pleasure and honor of getting a great massage session from Salina. (aka SalinaFlower)
The most beautiful rose, the most exotic orchard appears pale in the presence of Salina. The location is very professional and clean, the staff very polite and efficient. Salina was a genuine delight. Her great massage skills will turn you into putty and leave you relaxed and reinvigorated. Highly recommended and an experience well worth multiple revisits.”

“Had the chance to see Salina this evening. She is very down to earth and she made me feel at ease upon meeting her. She is quite attractive and I found myself staring at her stunning figure with all sorts of thoughts racing through my head ….We spent some time in the hot tub getting to know each other. She does a good job of getting comfortable and made me feel comfortable as well. Salina‘s hands are very skilled and she massaged me in a very calm and controlled way. She took her time – making sure our time together was memorable. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.”

“Had the opportunity to visit with Salina last week at Paradise, we shared a very sensual hour together. She has lovely big brown eyes, a tall lady with amazing legs, and ass that a man loves to put his mitts around while hugging and Salina has that body… that does not quit, and a sense of humour that makes the time together a lot of fun. Thanks Salina for a remarkable morning adventure.”

Salina, the most beautiful Polish Princess is an absolute dream to be with! Sexy, Sensual, Funny, Playful and a smart ass that will make you laugh!Marilyn Munroe looks and a body that does not stop! She provides a full body massage that is one of the best in the city. She is easy to talk to, and with! She will explore all of you with her fingers and cause you to reach new heights with each caress. She is not only a princess, in my opinion, she could rule as a Queen! Do yourself a favour Ottawa and see her ASAP!”

” I met Salina this morning before work for a long overdue birthday present. she has body karate and exceeded my expectations, we had 45 minutes but extended to 60 and I feel really relaxed now.
happy Friday everyone. Is it weird to book a massage with the same girl twice in one day? but not in a row?”