Angels Touch Massage

Call to find out where I’m working today:

Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073
Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887


Hair Colour:

Blonde Hair




Green Eyes,38DD,5’5 feet tall,170 pounds.

More about me:

Bilingual, Certified Reflexologist & Esthetician! Couple & Female Friendly! Being extremely open-minded and adventurous, I’m an exotic, stunning beauty with gorgeous, feminine curves, who loves meeting new people and catering to their every wish and aspirations. I’m an excellent conversationalist and have a wonderful sense of humour. Being free-spirited and down to earth, I also have an impressive wild side! If wild, playful, and ultimate satisfaction is what you seek then mission accomplished, I’m the ideal angel for you.

Comments from happy client(s):

“I should jump in here and give a big 1+ for SabrinaR at angel’s/Paradise. We hit it off from the get go thanks to Whiteman’s Recommendation. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you treat her well, you’ll be rewarded”

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina several times. I agree with what others have said, but I would also add that she is a great conversationalist. Some may not consider that to be essential, but I think that most would agree it is a plus. So in addition to a great massage, the connection with Sabrina is superb.”

“Recently I had the utmost pleasure of walking in to Paradise and meeting SabrinaR. She is not only a BBW but she has a heart of gold and the hands of an Artist. Being a reflexologist truly ads to her experience. We started with her asking me if I wanted a light or Deep tissue massage, I instantly went for the Deep tissue and it was a wise choice. She worked all my sore spots…yes gents…I mean ALL! During our time we chatted quite a bit and she was an absolute delight. Gentlemen if one day you wake up like me with a sore back or neck, check where Sabrina is working and book your appointment quick. She will take away all your aches and pains.”

“I am really impressed with the decor at Paradise. Very high class. The hot tub was fun. Sabrina and I kept the amazing connection that we had online. I will be back. I have also talked to Chanel at Angels Touch and i will be seeing her as well…SabrinaR put your establishments on my radar. I have heard of your businesses before, but Sabrina is the one that made me want to cross over and check out the grass on the other side…lol. Nice grass…lol”

“I have had the pleasure on seeing SabrinaR at Angels/Paradise on numerous occasions. This curvy girl has a fantastic personality which she uses to quickly engage a person, put them at ease then begin to use her considerable massage skills to make the time fly by and guarantee that you will want to return over and over. From the first visit SabrinaR made me feel like we had been friends with benefits for ever and each return engagement has lots of new fun to keep thing interesting over time”

“I concur with the previous recommendations about Sabrina, but would also like to add that if you gentlemen think she’s only good for therapeutic massages, then that’s not the case, she gives a truly mind-blowing relaxation massage experience too. So even if your back isn’t killing you and you just want to be pampered, Sabrina can do that really well too. I won’t go into details, but she can do stuff for you that your girlfriend has never heard of.”