Angels Touch Massage

Call to find out where I’m working today:

Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073
Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887


Hair Colour and Eye Colour:

Brown Hair and Green Eyes




5.1 Feet tall. 115 pounds, 32DD Enhanced

More about me:

I’m an extremely alluring brunette with amazing assets that with take your breath away and make you weak in the knees. My tight lovely little body commands the right attention and you will absolutely adore my sensuality and my ability to bring you into a state of pure relaxation and complete awe. I’m a total knock out with an awesome fashion sense and a great sense of humour. You can definitely feel comfortable, relaxed and very secure that all of your deepest desires with be met during a session with me. Prepare for delicious heights of passion to ignite you!! Experienced MA. Model looks! A familiar face some of you already know under a new name! A real gem! Couple Friendly!


Comments from happy clients:

“I booked Bella recently after checking out her new pictures. She is petite with a gorgeous body and lovely attitude. I had the privilege of massaing her. It is a great way of following all those lovely curves, each more admirable than the last. Bella has a gorgeous pair on her with amazing nipples. Her bum is exceptional, as others have pointed out. Bella is a bundle of wonderful lovely parts packed in a beautiful frame that can only be admired. I will gladly go back to see her and highly recommend her.”

“We chose Bella for our delight. She was able to sate our curiosities and to make us feel extremely at ease.”

“I have visited Bella a couple of times and it takes discipline not to use my rent money to see her again. What an absolute doll.”

“Met with Bella today at the end of her shift. Honestly I was kinda hesitant at first but damn this girl put me at ease, she was out of this world. Amazingly tight body, beautiful face, and LOVELY LOVELY VOICE. I really had enjoyed my time with her and I am surely planning to repeat soon, I am trying to hold myself and not show up two days in a row. REALLY RECOMMEND, AND SURELY GOING TO REPEAT.”

“I got the news Stella was back at Angel’s Touch after a short absence and I had to rush down to see that it was true. We have been friends for a while and I was delighted to learn she was in fact back, and with a vengeance. She is sporting a new look and a new attitude. The bubbly personality she has always had was enhanced by a new self confidence brought on by the changes she has made. Her pride made her more adventurous and bold. The short hour I was allowed flew by and she never exhausted her repertoire of techniques aimed to please. I wasn’t even back to my car when I started planning my next session. Pardon me now, I have to try to uncurl my toes.”

“I should have sent in this recommendation about Bella months ago. Over the last year I have spent time with several of the very beautiful women at Paradise and Angels Touch. Bella is not only stunning with an athletic firm body, strong hands, offering full body slides and excellent massage skills, but an absolute pleasure to spend time with. I now have returned to visit Bella several times and I find myself completely captivated by her personality, her charm and very friendly attitude. Bella is very special and should be top of mind the next time you are looking for one of the best massages in Ottawa.”

“Had the chance to see Bella at Angel’s Touch and was very happy I did. She’s petite and very pretty. Breasts aren’t large – but her nipples are….mmm! Beautiful flat tummy and OMG what an ass on this girl! We did a 50/50 massage and I couldn’t stay away from that ass. She belongs on “In the Crack”. It’s perfect!”

“I recently saw Bella and had a wonderful time. Come see Bella on a weekday and you’ll still be reminiscing about her on the weekend!”

“Tight spinner with tons of energy. Gives as good as she gets”

“People have surgery for my ass,” she said, smiling. She meant it as a joke. But I’m sure it’s true. A new candidate for Best Bum on the Planet has been identified! She’s Bella from Angel’s, and she’s hot. Hot, redheaded, and a spinner. Amazing body, athletic, fit, and hard. Cute and friendly with a wicked sense of humour and exceptional massage skills (I even had a massage this time). Total fun and stimulation, just as it should be.  A first encounter, but there will be more. Go see her!”