Angels Touch Massage

Call to find out where I’m working today: Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073 Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887


Hair Colour:

Platinum Blonde


Early 40’s


Brown eyes, 125 pounds, 5’6 feet tall, 32A, Eastern European

More about me:

Unwind…ease your mind. 
This tanned, blonde bombshell with a knock-out, red-lipped smile is a dream come true…Unusual, Untraditional, Unconventional…a twinkle in her eye to match your own…
But always a Pleasure for You…Or you and your partner.

Melt into bliss with a gifted and experienced touch… Feel warm, soft, strong hands and fingers ease into you like honey, to release your cares…for the ultimate total relaxation.

Or, Dare to try something new… explore your limits in a spectrum of domination and kink…from Sultry to Stern, ease your aches, or shake your foundation, and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Brand New to Massage. Couple Friendly! ***Domination Sessions!