Angels Touch Massage

Call to find out where I’m working today: Angels Touch: (613) 274-7073 Paradise Spa: (613) 820-8887


Hair Colour:





5’2 feet tall, Blue eyes,115 pounds, 34C.

More about me:

Professional girlfriend, closet nerd, girl next door and budding entrepreneur!
I am many things. And boring is not one of them.

I love to touch, love to be touched.
Love moments of silence and moments of amazing laughter!
I aim to please, soothe and seduce.
I will entice you with my wit, my laugh and my body.

I have many interests. They range from classic literature & poetry (Austen, The Bronte Sisters, Tennyson) travel, cooking (a BIG passion), discussing why Star Trek will always be better than Star Wars and of course Art in its many forms!

I’m very empathic. What does that mean?
Being empathic means I am sensitive, and intuitive to the emotion and energy of those around me. I feel this allows me to provide a truly meaningful connection to those who share my time. I cannot be fake, my emotions run raw, real and deep.

What will our time together be like?
That I can not predict. I can tell you I enjoy many things and am open to the possibilities every moment offers. Time spent with me will never be routine or ordinary

Comments from happy client(s):

“Such a fun girl! Amazing!!”

“I had the great pleasure of meeting Cassie recently. I had been speaking with for a while on twitter, finally decided to meet her in person. She was exactly what I had hoped she would be. Playful, fun, easy going, sensual and sexual. We had a great time exploring one another and Cassie definitely makes it worth while heading on that adventure! Exploring every inch of one another, we really didn’t want the time to end and could have gone on for hours. I’m very happy I had the chance to spend time with Cassie and with certainly see her again. A new adventure with her will be certainly epic once more. “When the night is at it’s darkest, you can see the stars” Charles A. Beard”

“Just had the pleasure of seeing Cassie at Paradise Spa. She is exactly what you see is what you get. A super cute girl next door, Great conversation, Excellent massage skills, amazing body slide. A true GFE experience with of course MA limitations”